It is an honor to help people of all ages and physical conditions, and we are grateful for their appreciation.

Fertility and Pregnancy Testimonials

I believe that the addition of my acupuncture treatments at Intown Acupuncture was critical to the success of my final fertility treatment. Infertility treatment can be demoralizing to say the least, but everything about my experience with Kimberly was nurturing and compassionate - something I desperately needed. I credit my sessions with Kimberly for my successful IVF and my ensuing pregnancy (38 weeks with twins!) – G.D., 41, Duluth

I came to Intown Acupuncture at a difficult time when I was dealing with multiple miscarriages. Kimberly's treatment supported me both emotionally and physically, and she was an amazing resource during my successful pregnancy and postpartum. I don't know why or how it works, but I know that acupuncture helped me. - K.B., 34, Decatur

I'm not sure how I would have survived my fertility journey without the care I received at Intown Acupuncture. Regardless of the outcome, the care and support of acupuncture is what kept me going. In the midst of the physical and emotional stress of fertility hopes and let downs, it was my weekly visits with Kimberly that brought me back to a peaceful place – a place to feel what I was feeling, be ok with the joy or sadness and let it go. I always left feeling energized and positive. My pregnancy journey was so personal; it was nice to have someone to share it with and to trust. Acupuncture truly helped both the physical and emotional roller coaster ride down the path to ultimately bring my babies home. - C.C., 36, East Point

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It is really hard to put in to words what acupuncture and specifically Kimberly Bonde have done for me during our long (11 year) struggle with infertility. If something could go wrong for us in our journey, it did. However I truly believe the work that Kimberly did helped me keep my spirit and my body in a good place, even in the midst of unlikely odds. From the very beginning of my infertility journey to the point when we finally had an embryo to transfer, to 9 months of pregnancy, Kimberly's reassuring yet realistic support and acupuncture techniques were an essential component in my healthcare. I don't understand exactly how acupuncture works — all I know is that it does. I am the proud Mommy of a 16 month old and am expecting a second in June. - M.C., 40, Decatur

I truly enjoyed my acupuncture experience with Kimberly. She has such a caring, giving, positive spirit and it's clear that she has a genuine interest in helping improve her clients' fertility experience. I think my sessions were a great compliment to my IVF journey and there were times (particularly post retrieval) when I could actually feel my body respond to the acupuncture. I would highly recommend Kimberly if you're looking for a dedicated, supportive acupuncturist. – G.G., 48, Clarkston

I owe so much to Kimberly in supporting me through my journey. Having difficulties conceiving and then going through all the changes of pregnancy and mommyhood, it's been invaluable to have someone who views my health from a holistic perspective, keeping check on my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. – T.K., 36, Lawrenceville

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I saw Kimberly for the better part of four years for issues relating to fertility. Kimberly's exemplary skills as an acupuncturist combined with her warm, compassionate personality made me look forward to each session and made me see fertility from an entirely new, holistic perspective. My individualized acupuncture treatments gave me the support to successfully become pregnant and to now be the mother of three healthy, beautiful children! - S.P., 38, Atlanta

At a time when my body felt not my own, the practitioners at Intown Acupuncture, and the treatments they provided, helped me feel greater comfort and balance. During my pregnancy, the treatments eased strong symptoms and provided renewed strength to combat weakness, lethargy and anxiety. After my baby was born, it heightened my awareness of the unique challenges of a postpartum body while encouraging and supporting a healing process that made me better able to care for my daughter and myself. I am very grateful for the care offered at Intown Acupuncture. - S.P., 31, Decatur

Kimberly made me feel calm and peaceful during my treatments which helped me on my journey to get pregnant, which was complicated by PCOS and endometriosis. Once pregnant, I felt supported, listened to, and cared for throughout my pregnancy which included several scary months of "fever of unknown origin" that required hospitalizations. I am now the thankful mother of 2 healthy girls. Kimberly is an ongoing and essential part of my health care and well-being as healthy and strong woman. - K.S., 40, Atlanta

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I first came to Kimberly and Intown Acupuncture after a disastrous second IVF cycle, which was canceled before retrieval when the only egg that was retrieved failed to fertilize. My doctor told us that donor eggs or adoption were likely our only options for becoming parents. We were devastated, and sought out acupuncture in the hope that eastern medicine could help us in a way that western medicine did not. From the beginning, Kimberly helped me relax and come to terms with all the complicated emotions that accompany infertility. She always made me feel valued as a person not just a client, and I joked to my husband that my sessions were part therapy, part acupuncture. The acupuncture treatments relaxed me and brought me in tune with my body. Despite the gloomy diagnosis we underwent two more unsuccessful IVF cycles before giving up on western medicine and began planning for adoption. I continued seeing Kimberly, however, for the emotional and physical benefits that my sessions continued to bring me. And, to my great shock and delight, I became pregnant last summer, four years after my husband and I began trying to conceive, and at the age of 40. The beautiful result of that pregnancy is sleeping in her swing a few feet away from me. I can't thank Kimberly enough for never giving up on me, and for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a mother. - L.A., 40, Decatur

General Acupuncture Testimonials

Kimberly has an amazing way of combining her skills in acupuncture, nursing, listening and feeling to truly heal. I have suffered from migraines for many years and have had such success with my treatments from Kimberly. She is intuitive and so knowledgeable, which explains why I have had such great results. I truly look forward to my visits as they are both physically helpful and quite relaxing. – R.S., 47, Atlanta

I have found acupuncture to be an essential part of dealing with acute and chronic disease processes as well as maintaining general wellness. I find Kimberly's treatment to be very effective and have referred many people to her who have had wonderful success. - Dr. P.G, 54, Atlanta

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Acupuncture treatment has added so much in the way of quality of life, peace of mind and stress reduction. The change in my situation from the sinus misery I suffered before acupuncture to where I am now -- which is symptom-free -- is extraordinary. - A.H., 56, Decatur

Acupuncture has made an enormous positive change in my life, both mentally and physically. Fourteen months ago, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my sole reliance on western medicine to treat my symptoms for postural hypotension, anxiety, and thyroid disease. A friend referred me to Kimberly and I was a bit skeptical at first, as I was afraid a licensed acupuncturist would advocate acupuncture as a complete alternative to Western medicine. On the contrary, I began to incorporate acupuncture as a supplement to necessary medicines, and it has become my healthiest and most effective "medicine." - A.H., 35, Decatur

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I first tried acupuncture, with Kimberly, in June of 2009. That was a little over four years ago. I came to her with a specific pain on my wrist. I felt better after the very first visit; the pain was entirely gone after the second session. Since then my visits have evolved to once a month, which have continued for over two years. I see this as "preventative maintenance" for my body and psyche. – K.S., 59, Atlanta

I have been blessed by many discoveries in my lifetime but none more cherished than the discovery of Kimberly Bonde, acupuncturist at Intown Acupuncture. In a non-assuming way she continues to give her time and talent to heal my body and soul as I work my way through the loss of "the love of my life". What continues to amaze me is her ability to pick up on each visit as if my previous visit was just the day before rather than an entire month. I come away from each visit with an inner peace and I suspect an outward glow. – E.C., 72, Dacula

Kimberly helped me so much after the birth of my daughter. I had a few mild issues that for my doctors were not really of concern, but they were inconvenient and making an already wild hormonal time wilder. Seeing her, I felt like someone was, perhaps for the first time, taking care of the whole me, rather than my "parts." I have continued to see her seasonally, over the past 8 years, or whenever I have an issue. She is a very caring person, an intuitive healer, and a fantastic partner in my health. I would recommend her strongly to anyone who wants to take a proactive, holistic approach to his/her life and health. - L.A., 44, Atlanta

Kimberly Bonde is a gifted healer whose welcoming presence, keen insights, and skilled technique offer a way to combat the wear and tear of modern life, and keep the inner world alive and moist with wonder. - L.C., 68, Decatur

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I was having symptoms of peri-menopause, with serious insomnia. My gynecologist preferred that I not go on HRT due to the fact that my mother had breast cancer, so I thought I would try acupuncture instead. It was gradual, but the symptoms almost became non-existent! I still go to acupuncture every four to six weeks for a "tune up" just to help keep balance in my life. My husband goes once in a while for aches and pains in his muscles and joints and my teenage daughter (14) has treatments periodically for her hormonal ups and downs. Balance keeps peace in our family! - E.M., 54, Atlanta

Initially I decided to try acupuncture for physical reasons. Yet it’s been astonishing how much more in balance I feel emotionally as well as physically. What a gift it’s been to find a healthcare practitioner as sensitive, caring and intuitive as Kimberly. - CT, 40, Decatur

I first decided to try acupuncture as a treatment for colds that wouldn't go away. I have two young sons and work with children daily. Before I had kids, I rarely got sick and if I did, I would recover quickly. Kimberly did wonders for my immune system. My health has improved greatly since I started seeing her and the changes I have seen in my overall health are fantastic. I cannot adequately express how Kimberly has helped me- she is kind, thoughtful, caring, and wise. I went for my physical health, but she has done wonders for my mental health too! - L.T., 41, Atlanta

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Initially, I decided to try acupuncture for physical reasons. Yet it's been astonishing how much more in balance I feel emotionally as well as physically. What a gift it's been to find a healthcare practitioner as sensitive, caring and intuitive as Kimberly. - CT, 40, Decatur